Uk Hip hop


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Ive been slacking with this blog lately sorry, was moving house and started my final year of uni september.
Trying to be more active bare with me

- Jake

Morriarchi Purple Mist (Low Light Dub) featuring Trellion and Figment


Lee Scott & Black Josh - Craig Mack

Lee Scott - Me O’Clock (prod by Illinformed)

Blah records have been going harder than normal lately fuck man

Jake hope u at Carnival today or tomo

ill be around tomorrow 

do you know a tumblr that posts funny shit please?

prettyboyshyflizzy his stories are classics.

Producer Drae Da Skimask mixing and remixing some of his own tracks

Confucius MC - Is It Real?

Kingdom Of Fear - Be Still (Prod. Jehst)

Elbe - Kingslayer

cant ask on normal blog... do you like Young Teflon?

Yeah i think he’s hard still from what ive heard 

the English justice system is racist and corrupt




QELD - USSR OFFICIAL VIDEO. From the upcoming album ‘Kush Zombies’. Bobby Stalin sending wack rappers to the saltmines.

"Won’t pay for chronic
No Reaganomics
Linkin’ weed like Abe is on it
No moron thugs, like we’re Nixon or George Bush
War on Drugs, when we nick some of your kush”